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Clinic Policy

Thank you for choosing our clinic for your medical care.  The following is a statement of our Clinic Policies and Procedures. We ask you to please read this statement, agree to,  and acknowledge prior to any treatment being provided.

1. Office Visits 

Clinic Policy only ONE medical problem can be discussed in one office visit. Effective  09/15/2015 multiple medical issues will no longer be addressed in one office visit. Additional copays, office visit charges and or prolonged visit charges may apply 

2. Co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles Policy

We require that all co-pays (as per your insurance mandate), outstanding co-insurance and deductible payments be paid at the time of check-in PRIOR to services being rendered. We accept (Cash/Debit Cards/Credit Cards/CERTIFIED Checks)

3. Insurance claims Policy

Angelique Barreto MD accepts most insurance plans and our Billing Specialist will file your medical charges with your health insurance as a courtesy to you.  It is your Medical Provider’s responsibility to medically recommend tests and treatments you need.

Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for your medical bills.

  • Please bring CURRENT Insurance Card to all visits.
  • Please ensure that Angelique Barreto MD is a contracted provider on your health insurance PRIOR to your visit.
  • It is your responsibility to resolve any issues with your Insurance Plan within 60 days of service, if there is NON-PAYMENT or DELAYED PROCESSING.
  • Unpaid Balances are due from you at 90 days from date of service.
  • If payment is not received by the due date stated on your 90 day statement, your account will be turned to a collection agency and no further services or appointments will be provided by our clinic.
  • The Billing Specialist and Front Desk will work with you to provide billing information you need, and set up Payment Plans if requested.

4. Personal Check Policy

Due to the large amount of returned checks received in our clinic, we no longer accept personal checks. We do however accept CERTIFIED Checks issued by a valid Financial Institute. 

5. Missed and Late Appointment Policy

  • Dr. Barreto requests you to provide 24 hours advance notice to cancel an appointment.  This allows her to fill your slot with another sick patient who may be in urgent need of care. We make every attempt to re-confirm your appointment including the use of Voice Calls, Voice Messages, E-Mails and or Text Messages. Failure to provide us 24 hour notice after confirmation of your visit, will result in a charge of $35 being applied to your account. 
  • If you are late for your appointment, the clinic reserves the right to re-schedule your appointment to a later date and time.

6. Prescriptions Policy

  • Please bring a list of your medications to your appointments.  You will be given refills until your next follow-up lab draw or appointment.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that your pharmacist receives these prescriptions to keep in your file. 
  • If you are unwell or wish to have a medication dose adjusted, and wish to receive medical advice or prescriptions, please request an URGENT CARE only appointment by calling SCHEDULING on         405 749 0900. Dr Barreto does her best to see Urgent patients within 24 hours. 
  • No controlled substances and antibiotics can be called in for patients.

6. Forms and Letters Policy

You are required to make a separate 20 minute appointment to explain the medical need for your form or letter to Dr. Barreto. This need has to be documented in your medical record by Dr. Barreto and provided to authorities on request. Please obtain all the necessary information from your employer or other requesting authority, to enable the form or letter to be filled out correctly. Please fill in your personal information on the form prior to the visit.  Certain forms like Handicap sticker forms carry standard charges which are available on request at the front desk.

7. Referrals and Prior Authorization Policy

You are required to schedule an appointment with Dr. Barreto prior to a Referral being sent by our clinic. This allows for the correct paperwork to be sent to your insurance and Specialist or other provider.  Please note Referrals and Prior Authorizations are currently being done by the Referrals Specialist in our clinic as A COURTESY TO YOU.

Click here to download, print & sign
the Clinic Policy to bring to your first office visit.
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